About Metafix

Metafix is ​​a modern metalworking plant located in Hadsund in Denmark. With roots dating back to 1974 we have many years of experience in the industry.

Metafix is ​​constantly progressing and we are able to offer our customers to be their system supplier within all metal solutions such as metalworking, metal surface treatment, sheet metal fabrication and assembling.

We are happy to participate in the development already from the designing stages to the production and delivery of metal items. We also develop prototypes in metal if the need arises.

We are pleased to have a great network of different subcontractors and close cooperation partners that we use for producing metal items outside our own capabilities. Our production facilities, however, are adaptable and give us a great deal of flexibility.

Metafix's machine park is fully automated with high-technology equipment and it is competent workers who are responsible for operating the machines. Our employee proficiencies, knowledge and know-how in the field ensure a quality awareness that enables us to combine automation and human skills to fully exploit production equipment.

Metafix offers many services in metalworking but our specialty is the processing of regular steel, stainless steel and aluminum - which includes piping, electropolishing, staining and powder coating.

We believe that the foundation for good cooperation for both partners rests on mutual trust.

Concept / Idea

Our goal is to secure a profit that always allow us constant development and we continually aim to expand our relationship with our current customers as well as try to develop new collaborations.

We wish to offer the customer comprehensive solutions and to assume full responsibility for producing according to the requirements and specifications.

We consider close cooperation based on respect and trust as fundamental. At least once a year a new process area is involved, or a current one is significantly raised. It is a goal to be a leader in our field - METAL WORKING.


We aim for continued stable development and investment - the future will offer continued expansion of close relationships and cooperation as well as increased product proficiency - it is a goal that 50% of our capacity is applied to finished products ready for the final consumer.

Relevant products will be imported from low-wage areas. However, the imported items should, as far as possible, be produced on Metafix grounds, in order to achieve delivery security.

All employees' education and development will be a very important asset for the future of Metafix.

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