Metal Solutions

At Metafix you get metal solutions within all metalworking for example metal surface treatment, pipe work and sheet metal work. We also develop and produce major industrial metal solutions where we manage the process of manufacturing and processing metal materials for total delivery of finished products.

We gladly solve all kinds of metalworking and metal surface treatment and we can offer our customers solutions in:

  • Metalworking
  • Surface
  • Sheet metal
  • 3D-construction / development
  • Total system deliveries

Why do you choose metal solutions from Metafix?

Metafix is ​​a large and modern metal company and we handle everything in metalworking - both the development, manufacturing and processing of metal units. Metafix started in 1974 and since then we have developed and acquired our knowledge and experience so that we can be your complete supplier of complete metal solutions.

Reasons to choose Metafix:

  • We raise your business and take responsibility in all processes
  • We would like to share our knowledge with our customers, we are innovative and develop new solutions
  • We think about all processes - from advice, development, production to correct invoicing
  • We challenge our employees to develop and gain new skills that benefit both your and our business
  • We ensure our customers the right quality according to the requirements agreed
  • We offer complete logistics solutions that ensures a timely delivery
  • We enjoy taking responsibility for our customers - but in close cooperation

Assembly and shipment

Metafix can offer the entire logistical management with storage, assembly and shipping of items to the end user.

Items can be packed and labeled so that they are ready for shipment directly to the end user. This can be done either in standard packaging or in the customer's own special packaging.

We conduct a final quality control according to our customers' requirements and wishes. We have introduced a special department, which is the "last link in the chain" and which approves all product lots before delivery.