If you need custom made metal, Metafix as a global supplier of metal solutions can present you with an offer for your customer solution.


Contact either Thomas Vejborg or Bjarne Pedersen when you need a offer.

PHONE 30 69 50 22 (Thomas) or PHONE 96 53 07 04 (Bjarne).

We set up offers for all kinds of customer solutions ranging from creating drawings to handling the final shipment of the finished items.

Metal surface treatment including electropolishing, powder coating or staining

Offers on metal surface treatment is conducted by head of department Hans Ole Pedersen.

PHONE 96 53 07 10

It would be an advantage if you already have information on the following details before contacting Hans Ole for the optimal preparation of an offer:

  • Quantity
  • Annual consumption
  • Materials and tolerances
  • Ral color or surface finish

And furthermore sketches as a starting point if it is possible

Should we help you further?

Do you just want to know if we can solve your assignment? Or do you need a offer? Nevertheless, we are ready to help you further!

Thomas Vejborg


96 53 07 30 / 30 69 50 22

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